ibitz Kids App - A rewards platform where  a child can have the spaceship of their choosing blast off and explore the galaxy powered by their steps.  The more active the child is, the more they can explore and the more rewards they can earn.

*Must update ibitz firmware using iOS 8.4.1 or earlier or buy from this website

Now available on The App Store

Features of the ibitz Kids App

  • Parents can set goals, and add customized rewards (screen time, a trip to the zoo with Mom, zoom to a new planet).
  • Custom Amazon prizes (parent funded), where parents and kids select a prize and then establish the necessary steps to earn that item.
  • Kids can also earn coins and exclusive content from Disney's Club Penguin.
    • free 14 day trial membership to Disney's Club Penguin is available through the compatible website.
  • Weekly progress reports are emailed to the parents.
  • The ibitz app is COPPA* compliant and requires parent authentication. Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act was enacted by the FCC to protect our children in this digital world. Parents will be asked to validate the users account with a password as well as entering a valid credit card. The card is validated with $1.00 but will not be processed.

Device Syncs with:

  • iPhones:
    • iPhone 6
    • iPhone 6+
    • iPhone 5C
    • iPhone 5S
    • iPhone 5
    • iPhone 4S
  • iPads:
    • iPad 3
    • iPad 4
    • iPad Mini
    • iPad Air
  • iPods:
    • iPod touch (5th Gen)

*Must update firmware using iOS 8.4.1 or earlier or buy from this website