Q: What are ibitz™ and how do they work?

A: ibitz™ by GeoPalz® are wireless pedometers that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to sync your ibitz™ device to your iOS wireless smartphone, tablet or iPod. The device stores minute by minute data, and can be worn on the hip or shoe. 

Q: Why isn't my ibitz syncing?

A: Verify you are using the iOS Device compatible with the ibitz Kids and Adult Unity (see below for compatible devices).  Verify your operating system is up to date using iOS 7.0 or greater.

Shake your ibitz for 5 seconds to wake it up.

Make sure your bluetooth is on in your phone's 'Settings' 

Press the button on the device with a pen.  The blinking light should turn on.  If not, you may need to change the battery.  An extra battery is included with your ibitz kids and Unity for adults.

Q: What devices will my ibitz sync with?

A: ibitz™ currently syncs with the following types of devices:

  • iPhones:
    • iPhone 4s
    • iPhone 5
    • iPhone 5s
    • iPhone 5c
  • iPads:
    • iPad (3rd Gen) 
    • iPad (4th Gen)
    • iPad Mini
    • iPad Air
  • iPods:
    • iPod touch (5th Gen)

Q: What is Bluetooth Low Energy?

A: Bluetooth Low Energy (also called Bluetooth v4.0) is the most recent version of Bluetooth wireless technology. It includes a low energy feature that is the basis for Bluetooth Smart devices. More Info.

Q: Do I need to be connected to Wifi or the internet during the sync process?

A: Yes, we do sync directly to the device, but we also store your data securely in the cloud, so it is important to be connected to a wifi network or through your cell service.

Q: How do I see my steps?

A: Simply open up the ibitz™ application on your smartphone or bluetooth device, and press the sync button. For kids the sync button is on the lower left side. For the parent Unity app the sync button is the half-rounded button on the lower center of your screen. You will see on the top of your ibitz™ a flashing green light when the information has been transmitted successfully.  

For adult, you click on the home button and scroll through the wheel to see steps, calories burned, distance, view your weight (added manually) and BMI.  Tilt your smart phone or tablet horizontally and view your data in a bar graph.  You can see it by day, week, month or year by steps, calories, distance and weight (if you've manually made any changes).

On the kids app, your steps will show at the bottom center of your screen, total steps above your last steps synced. You can also tap on your ship to see your "ship's log", which includes steps taken towards your daily goal, total steps, today's journey (steps), vigorous minutes (MVPA - as defined by 125 steps per minute), farthest journey (highest daily steps taken), average journey (daily average steps), and total planets visited (rewards earned)

Q: How do I add users to my adult Unity account?

A: It's easy to add your family to your Unity app, simply click the users icon at the bottom of your app and then click on the plus sign at the top and follow the instructions. You will need to have the username and password for each family member.

Q: How long does the ibitz store my data?

A: The ibitz can store your data for up to 30 days without syncing the device.

Q: What does the blinking on my ibitz mean?

A: When your ibitz and iPhone are connected, your device will blink green 3 times

During the sync process, when the data is transferred successfully, your ibitz device will blink green 3 times

During the sync process, when the data transferred unsuccessfully, your ibitz device will blink red 3 times

When waking up your device from factory sleep,  your ibitz device will blink for 5 second continuously green and then red.

Blink command when identifying your device, your ibitz device will blink green 10 times (3 for connect and 7 additional for blink command)

Firmware update has finished, your ibitz device will blink red 1 time.

Q: How do I redeem my 14 day Disney Club Penguin trial with my new ibitz PowerKey?

A: Go to geopalz.com, login with your ibitz Kids username and password, click on prizes at the top of the page to open your prize wall.

Q: Will the app be available on Android devices?

A: An app for Android will be coming soon.  More information will come.

Q: I cannot put in my birthday in the ibitz adult Unity app, what can I do?

A: If you change the year first, you will be able to adjust the date accordingly to move past this screen.